KOi !

she/her mexican ☆ 21
luz de noche, istp
pisces 02.27 eng1/esp !

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Yes <3 coffee, cats, pedro infante, jungkook, sunny days, romance, reading, poetry

No milk, frogs, rain, gore, horror

TW! self harm & suicide

BYF i don't interact with just anyone. i don't tweet, only retweet. all retweets are of jungkook. i'm very active on listography or even spotify. not very active on socials.
DNF if you are under 16, you hate jungkook, you are racist, you are a pedo, you aren't respectful of others favorite artists or interests. or you tweet nsfw/gore.



FAVORITES monarch butterflies, stars, strawberries, greek mythology, edgar allan poe, lord of the rings, cherry coke, vanilla, romance, ladybugs, and the moon
Films a silent voice, whisper of the heart, the book of life, brave, pride & prejudice, ever after, corpse bride, emma, sleeping beauty, the shape of water, and ponyo